Boarding School: Set Design.

Posted on May 17, 2011


After the death of his parents the narrator is being sent to a boarding school, here is how he describes the place:

“After a few days I was brought away on an outside car and sent to a STRANGE SCHOOL.  It was a BOARDING SCHOOL filled with people I did not know, some young some older.  I soon got to know that it was a good school and a very expensive one.”

There is no much description of how this place looked like, and the narrator’s attitude towards it is rather neutral if not negative.  I would imagine this building to be Victorian Mansion set in a green landscape with lots of trees surrounding it.

I am setting the school intentionally  in a dark, heavy atmosphere and the point of view is a low angle to underline the distant memory from a child point of view.  The camera view is often obstructed by leaves, tree branches or corners of the building.  The reason for that is to show the narrator’s position at the school.  He was rather a loner and not very sociable.  As he mentions:  “My life at this school does not matter except one thing.  It was here that I first came to know something of De Selby.” (De Selby is the author of the book, that the narrator has been absolutely worshiping throughout his whole life.)

Below is the set I have created for the Boarding School:

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