3D Animation in Artlantis Studio

Posted on April 22, 2011


Artlantis is recognized as the fastest, most powerful solution for photo-realistic rendering and animation. Now, Artlantis 3 is strengthening its lead with an even more accurate radiosity engine, new management of geometry by layers, better management and enrichment of media, and simplified control of optimized lighting.

The combination of object animation and camera movement allows a thorough exploration of the entire scene rendered with Artlantis Studio.

Use Timeline to graphically synchornize and adjust motion, add lighting illusions, realistic lighting, or simulate seasons.

Animation (Artlantis Studio)


In an ongoing quest for realism, Artlantis Studio invites you to animate clouds by activating the wind’s parameters, the direction and speed of which you can choose in the heliodon inspector.


A plain cursor is all you need to add movement to the Water shader, adding life to your 3D scenes with animated rivers, lakes,pools, seas, etc. …

Here you can see two great examples of an Animation made in Artlantis Studio.  The final result is very close to what I would like to achieve in my project:

Watch the Tutorial Video:

Watch a sample animation of a house in Artlantis:

How to animate objects in Artlantis:

How to animate Heliodon in Artlantis: